Slay The Dragon - Virtual Cinema

Opens Apr 10, 2020

This engagement has ended.

In response to the current crisis, Ragtag Cinema has — alongside theaters and businesses across the world — temporarily closed its doors. Filmmakers and distributors, too, have had to put their long-awaited releases on hold. During this time, we are doing everything we can to continue engaging our audiences and celebrating cinema.

Our friends at Magnolia Pictures have partnered with us to present a virtual theatrical experience. Together, we are proud to present Slay The Dragon. Help support Magnolia Pictures, the filmmakers, and your local independent cinema. We will be running it just like our regular Ragtag programming — new films run Friday through Thursday — and when a film's run is over, it's gone! So don't hesitate to see it now. 

Instructions for viewing across devices and help can be found here.

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