The Big Lebowski

Opens Jun 26, 2020


Ragtag Cinema is celebrating its reopening with a summer of films to remind us why we champion cinema as a communal experience.

Weed, bowling, White Russians, and the search for a rug to tie his living room together set the stage for a wild ride through Los Angeles' underbelly.

Twenty-two years ago, the Coen Brothers released an ambitious and ambiguous feature that threw audiences seeking the next Fargo for a loop. Eschewing the gritty darkness of their prior films, The Big Lebowski, no less a sprawling noir, is as slackadaisical as it is philosophical. The film hinges on a case of mistaken identity, operating as if The Dude, himself is erroneously cast as protagonist in a hard-boiled and shadowy underworld that can't hold itself together against Lebowski's charming grooviness. A kaleidoscope of conspiracies, cinematic nods and psychedelic revelations--The Big Lebowski is a cultural landmark and a real good time.