House of Hummingbird

Opens Jun 26, 2020


Our friends at Well Go USA & Kino Lorber have partnered with us to present a virtual theatrical experience. Together, we are proud to present House of Hummingbird. Help support the filmmakers, and your local independent cinema. Tickets are $12.00, and 50% goes directly to Ragtag Cinema. We cannot offer Membership rates for Virtual Cinema titles.

"A warm still life about a teenager's struggle to find herself in a country that's racing to do the same, Kim Bora's House of Hummingbird so patiently contrasts its contemplative coming-of-age story against the backdrop of South Korea's hyper-modernization that even its stillest and most tender scenes can feel like an optical illusion. Specifically, the wagon-wheel effect, where something spins forward so fast that it appears to be moving in reverse.

Kim Bora's semi-autobiographical debut is set in Seoul circa 1994. A tightly coiled 14-year-old girl named Eun-hee (Park Ji-hoo) looks for solid ground while her anxious middle class family strives for a higher foothold, as their nation embraces a democratic future and the social mobility that it promises. Heady as that may sound, Bora's long and delicate film is tapped into its heroine's sense of becoming in such a way that it feels more diaristic than historical, even when the final act hinges on a real tragedy that affected Seoul in October 1994. Like any teenager, of any time, Eun-hee just wants to be at peace with who she is in a world that seemingly refuses to let her. Bora pierces that loneliness with the slow grace of sunlight melting through a treeline, and despite some occasional dithering her movie sinks into your skin like few other examples of its kind."
-David Ehrlich, Indiewire

"House of Hummingbird is a striking debut; a painfully honest exploration of queer adolescence that feels a little like a feminist neo-realist film."
-Andrew Bundy, The Playlist