Women Over the Influence

The Housemaid

Opens Jul 31, 2020

Eun-yi (Cannes Best Actress winner Jeon Do-youn) is hired as a nanny in a lavish mansion by businessman Hoon and his very pregnant wife, Hae-ra. When Eun-yi is seduced by the father of the house, she becomes the unwitting victim in a series of traps laid by the women of the house — Hae-ra, her villainous mother, and their seemingly loyal but increasingly bitter housekeeper. Intensely erotic and fiendishly entertaining, The Housemaid builds to an unforgettable climax as Eun-yi must outwit them and escape their schemes to protect her sanity — and her life — from the vicious family.

"The movie kowtows to the old truism that the rich are different — but it does it with a sardonic smile." 
-Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"The situation continues to fester, the balance of power shifts back and forth among some wonderfully defined characters." 
-J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader

"The Housemaid scores on so many levels it's hard to know where to begin." 
-Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune