Opens Aug 7, 2020

A missing grandmother and a sinister presence in the familial home are the surface horrors of Australian filmmaker Natalie Erika James' slowburning, haunting exploration of unconditional love and the terror of growing old alone.

"Relic is an exemplary entry in the New Horror canon, where psychology and atmosphere count for as much as shocks, where the inner wounds of women often take startling external form, and where less is more until the time comes for more to be more." (Boston Globe)

"Mortality and the fear of the unknown that comes with it is the foundation of all horror, but rarely is the nature of death explored in as terrifying and tender a fashion as it is in Natalie Erika James' Relic." (AV Club)

"Echoes of Cronenberg abound in Natalie Erika James' chilling feature debut that relies on allegory to serve up it scares." (Indiewire)