Hitchcock in Technicolor

North By Northwest

Hitchcock in Technicolor

Advertising man Roger Thornhill is mistaken for a spy, triggering a deadly cross-country chase.

This pinnacle of the Wrong-Man set-up is a dizzying spectacle of seamless twists, macguffins, and Oedipal wish-fulfillment.


Alfred Hitchcock's most iconic stories were cast in the vivid Technicolor process–delving into the unconscious mind and conjuring dream-logic visions. These films make up the director's prestige period, constructed in concert with cinematographer Robert Burkes, costume designer Edith Head, editor George Tomasini and composer Bernard Hermann.

Spinning yarns of normal people thrust into dangerous situations, and exploring the conflicts of insecurity, obsession, and male weakness–these tales interrogate both social and psychic concerns. Above all else, they remind us that true suspense lies not in the unknown, but rather, in knowing something that our heroes do not.

REAR WINDOW Opens August 7th

THE BIRDS Opens August 14th

NORTH BY NORTHWEST Opens August 21st

VERTIGO Opens August 28th