CoMo Famous: Richard King Presents All the President's Men

Opens Oct 8, 2020


@ Stewart Park

“Your 15 Minutes” Admission ($20/per ticket, $15 for members): A single outdoor CoMo Famous screening event.

“True Legend” Admission ($100/per ticket): One outdoor screening event plus an invite to the CoMo Famous Finale party on Friday, Oct 23. This exclusive event will include an outdoor screening, as well as a socially distanced picnic, and other fun surprises!

Please arrive 15 minutes early to the contestants’ outdoor screenings to get settled for any pre-film festivities! An email with the full details about the CoMo Famous Finale party will be shared with ticket holders privately. If inclement weather crops up, there will be rain dates for each screening and information will be sent to all ticket holders as well as posted online.

Doors open: 6:45pm

Pre-show activities: 7:00pm

Film begins: 7:45pm

A thriller about journalism isn't a terribly hard sell in Columbia, Missouri; but a film about truth taking down an oligarch has an even broader appeal. Four years ago, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's exposé exploded back into the zeitgeist, and with it this 1976 adaptation has been celebrated and scrutinized like a Rosetta Stone for taking back our democracy. After producing To Kill a Mockingbird, director Alan J. Pakula dealt in paranoia thrillers like The Parallax View—and culminating with All the President's Men, you aren't wrong to see a trend in this filmmaker's output. Come for the intrigue, stay for the wide ties and cartoonish seventies journo-fashion.