The Forty-Year-Old Version

Opens Oct 16, 2020

Between a slipping sense of artistic relevancy and the unwelcome arrival of AARP mailers, forty-year-old Black playwright Radha is beginning to feel her age. Against better judgement, she dives back into her first passion — hip hop — as an outlet for years of frustration.

As a piece of personal cinema, the film is Radha Blank's first, conceived at forty-four, and hailed as a revelation at Sundance. "Baring a vulnerability that is inspiring, deliciously funny, and dripping with honesty, this comedic gem represents what 40 really looks like — no less scared, but irresistible and authentic as f*@k."

Won: Directing Award: U.S. Dramatic, Sundance Film Festival

"A crowdpleaser with a purpose."
-Eric Kohn, IndieWire

"Funny, thought-provoking, and wholly original"
-Beandrea July, Hollywood Reporter

"This is the start of something big."
-Gregory Ellwood, The Playlist