Women Over the Influence Vol II: Grindhouse

Ms. 45


Opens Nov 13, 2020

One of Ferrara's earliest jams, Ms. 45 knocked the Death Wish-ripoff subgenre off its axis with a novel spin: its avenging gun-packer is young, mute, female and cleaning up the streets. Thana (a haunting Zoë Tamerlis) is a diligent garment worker who's assaulted not once, but twice in visceral fashion. Shocked to her core, her nights become consumed by prowls through the city — resulting in male pigs winding up on the wrong end of a bullet.

Tamerlis offers a compelling silent performance that eerily echoes Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion, while Ferrara displays an amazing command of the medium on very limited means. Eerie, fiery, unforgettable.

Restoration courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive.