Women Over the Influence Vol II: Grindhouse



Opens Dec 5, 2020

Reese Witherspoon as potty-mouthed white trash Vanessa Lutz is among her most underrated roles. 
In this modern take on Little Red Riding Hood, Kiefer Sutherland plays the not subtly named Bob Wolverton, a serial killer who meets his match in Vanessa, a fifteen year old on her way to her grandmother's after her parents are both arrested. Bob picks her up hitchhiking, gains her trust and then reveals himself — but Vanessa is sharp and quick, shooting him and leaving him for dead. Trouble is, he doesn't die, and instead she finds herself on trial. Can this bad behaving juvenile delinquent win against a well-respected school counselor? You better believe she won't go down without a fight! 

Freeway is a truly filthy, depraved and at times hilarious exploitation flick; hell bent on offense and disgust, the film is equal parts Oliver Stone and John Waters. Freeway presents America as it truly is: unjust, unsafe, racist, sexist and gaudy as all get-out — but it is Witherspoon's absolutely bonkers performance that propels the film to its revered cult status.

Film courtesy of Multicom and the American Genre Film Archive.