Donnie Darko

Opens Oct 31, 2020

"If revisiting an old movie is a bit like going back in time, that sense of disorientation is doubled in DONNIE DARKO. A haunted miasma of youthful alienation, suburban malaise, cosmic upheaval and 1980s pop-cultural infatuation, writer-director Richard Kelly's captivatingly strange 2001 debut plays more than ever like its own suspended-in-time artifact."

-Justin Chang, L.A. Times

Nostalgic and apocalyptic, Richard Kelly's debut is a love-letter to the 1980s and a celebration of the terrors of teenage-alienation — weaving hormones and psychosis, a giant rabbit and a jet engine — deftly delivering Spielbergian touches and killer new-wave needle-drops over images of suburbia in the lead-up to Halloween… and possibly the end of the world. 

Initially beset with distribution problems, Donnie Darko would slowly find its audience and emerge as arguably the first cult classic of the new millennium — and one of Ragtag's first hits.

Restoration courtesy of Arrow Films and the American Genre Film Archive.