Citizen Kane

Opens Nov 27, 2020

"It is a triumph of film"

-New Yorker

"Since the dawn of the sound era, an estimated 25,000 feature-length films have been produced — and that's in the English language alone. When, in the early 1960s, an international group of film critics were polled as to their 'number-one film of all time,' Citizen Kane was in first position. The repetition of this poll in the early 1970s and once again in 1982 produced the same result: Citizen Kane was a solid first each time. Even more important than the opinion of critics is the opinion of audiences. They too, decade after decade, have ranked Citizen Kane as their favorite film. For what truly sets Kane apart from every other film commonly called a "masterpiece" is that it's also an enormous amount of fun.

"It is in the telling of the story of Charles Foster Kane that the film transcends the limitations of popular entertainment and achieves greatness. That it does it through the devices of popular entertainment is irrelevant. From the first moment when the camera conspiratorially draws the viewer behind the giant iron gate with its "No Trespassing" sign, to the final moment when the sled is consumed by flames, every aspect of cinematographic art — photography, music, set design, editing, costuming, special effects — is assembled with a unifying vision into an endlessly fascinating portrait of a not-all-that-fascinating man." – Roger P. Smith, The Criterion Collection (1984)