Close Encounters of the Third Kind @ the Drive-in

Opens Jan 23, 2021



Downtown at Re/Max Boone Realty — 33 East Broadway, Columbia.

Saturday, January 23 at 6:30pm (Doors at 6pm)

"This is important. This means something."

At the dawn of 2021, full of fear and surrounded by the vast unknown, perhaps there is no better cinematic parallel or parable of hope and purpose than Steven Spielberg's classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The story is simple — blue collar linesman, Roy Neary has an inexplicable experience that changes everything. His encounter leads him, through pure obsession, to come face to face with alien visitors. All of the standard Spielbergian touches are in full force here, from tragically familiar broken family units to shadowy government orchestrations, and at its heart an undeniable childlike wonder.

Spielberg, himself a deeply introspective individual, sought to make a deeply personal film that could provide — on an emotional level — an answer to the meaning of life. The film, too, operates as a fable on movie-making: intellectual isolation, obsession and breakthroughs struck through flashes of inspiration, to make no mention of François Truffaut's guidance on-screen and off.

Ultimately, Close Encounters of the Third Kind serves as a monolith to the possibility that monumental change can come in peace.