Show Me Series

SHOW ME: Cabaret (35mm)

with The Center Project

Opens Aug 26, 2021

The Center Project joins Ragtag Cinema for a musical celebration of Pride, Queer identities, and the making of icons.

About the series:

The Show Me Series is a nod to our long-established proclivity as Missourians to approach new things with a hint of skepticism (until we see it for ourselves, of course). As well, a challenge to show our community all the possibilities shared experiences with film can hold — and the potential to serve as a catalyst for conversations that can move our collective pendulum closer to equity, inclusion, and unity.

Rooted in media literacy, and challenging the cinema canon — post-film discussions will take us beyond content, to interrogate form, intention, and reaction — and weave historical contexts with the here and now.

Ragtag Cinema is honored to co-host the Show Me Series with our Community Partners.

The Show Me Series is monthly, and free to the public.

This film is being exhibited from an archival 35mm print. As this is not digital projection, this show is not compatible with Captiview personal captioning device, nor Fidelio personal descriptive audio device.