Warped & Faded: Weird Wednesday and the Birth of AGFA

Dark Star

Opens Dec 1, 2021

In honor of two decades of anarchic preservation, we present a selection of films that lit a fire — lovingly restored by the American Genre Film Archive themselves.

"One of the damnedest science fiction movies I've ever seen."

– Roger Ebert

Aboard a deep-space cruiser dubbed the Dark Star, a crew of laid-back astronauts are assigned the task of blowing up planets to make the universe safer for the human race. After the ship's commander is cryogenically frozen in a freak accident, one crew member must try to keep the rest of the team in check, which — with the onset of intergalactic existential hysteria — is a much tougher job than expected.

This outrageously unique sci-fi semi-spoof was the first feature from genre film emperor John Carpenter — originally began as his 45-minute University of Southern California student film project with collaborator Dan O'Bannon (Alien; The Return of the Living Dead).

Restoration courtesy of Shout! Factory and the American Genre Film Archive.