Science on Screen ®: 2022

Minority Report: Science on Screen (on 35mm)

with Dr. Chi-Ren Shyu

Opens Mar 22, 2022

Science on Screen® Pulp Prophet: The Films of Philip K Dick.

Four visionary adaptations of one of Sci-Fi's most prolific visioneers and one strikingly Dickian documentary. With live presentations by notable figures from the world of science, technology, engineering and medicine.

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AI: Prediction, Trust, and Data

How bad is a bad prediction? In matters of life and death, should artificial intelligence be trusted?

with Dr. Chi-Ren Shyu, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of the Institute for Data Science and Informatics at University of Missouri.

Within 30 years, human-augmented AI may predict what will happen exactly in the next 48 hours — are we ready? Why are ethics in AI critical when we embrace the power of AI in our daily life? MU Engineering professor Chi-Ren Shyu explores some of the machine learning concepts and real-world applications behind the film.

Film Synopsis:

Technology can now predict crime before it's committed. The system was perfect, until the top "Precrime" cop became its newest target.

Dr. Chi-Ren Shyu is a Shumaker Endowed Professor of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department and Director of the Institute for Data Science and Informatics at University of Missouri – Columbia. His AI research journey started from developing a computer vision system for a legged robot and an image search engine to assist pulmonary disease diagnosis in the 90's at Purdue University. He then joined MU in 2000 and has been collaborating with plant geneticists and clinicians to develop explainable AI methods for crop improvement and precision health delivery.

Science on Screen is an initiative of the Coolidge Corner Theatre, with major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.