Show Me Series

SHOW ME: Dodging Bullets

with Four Directions

Opens Feb 24, 2022

Ragtag Cinema and Four Directions at University of Missouri are proud to present Dodging Bullets.

Described as "stories from survivors of historical trauma," this documentary film co-directed by Kathy Broere, Sarah Edstrom, Jonathan Thunder, and Bob Trench was produced in collaboration with several organizations and is the first to chronicle the impact of historical trauma on the lives of Native peoples today, giving voice to their stories of survival and resilience in the face of multigenerational trauma.

Through interviews and first-hand accounts, Dodging Bullets paints the full, uncompromising picture of not only the historical traumas that Native peoples have experienced since first contact with Europeans but the continued racism and disenfranchisement faced by Native communities today.

The film is a collection of experiences that includes a majority of Native voices, along with activists, legislators, as well as researchers to illustrate the effects of intergenerational trauma and helps forge a path towards the future. What is clear throughout the film and these stories is a defining message: if a true healing of the wounds done to Native communities is to be achieved, the trauma cannot be ignored.

About Four Directions:

Four Directions at University of Missouri is a Native student-led organization that supports Indigenous Peoples in their pursuit of educational goals while upholding cultural traditions.

About the series:

The Show Me Series is a nod to our long-established proclivity as Missourians to approach new things with a hint of skepticism (until we see it for ourselves, of course). As well, a challenge to show our community all the possibilities shared experiences with film can hold — and the potential to serve as a catalyst for conversations that can move our collective pendulum closer to equity, inclusion, and unity.

Rooted in media literacy, and challenging the cinema canon — post-film discussions will take us beyond content, to interrogate form, intention, and reaction — and weave historical contexts with the here and now.

Ragtag Cinema is honored to co-host the Show Me Series with our Community Partners.

The Show Me Series is monthly, and free to the public.

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