Earth II

Filmmakers in Conversation

Opens May 21, 2022

Earth, present day. The uber-weathy are pulling out for new galactic luxury, and world governments have declared literal war on the climate crisis — signing up for a battle unlike anything civilization has ever witnessed. As Earth prepares for its last stand, it finds some unlikely allies from within the ranks of its greatest foe ...humans.

A star-studded cast and astronomical production values — painstakingly purloined from some of the biggest blockbusters of the past three decades — make EARTH II the most expensive climate disaster epic to be produced for no money.

"an action-packed analysis of Hollywood’s pathological climate grief"
–The Spectacle

"Equal parts panic and hilarity. The result of this Herculean undertaking is not only coherent, but wickedly topical. Where once a globe-spanning superstorm seemed too big to ignore, now that impending doom is played for bittersweet laughter in this sophisticated found-footage farce. 
Your tears may flow like sprinklers on a Palm Springs golf course, but all is vanity: attempting to irrigate this scorched-earth satire is futile."
–Caroline Golum, Screen Slate

Filmmaker's statement:
For many years, Hollywood has been imagining the destruction of Earth’s biosphere, playing out every conceivable simulation of this once-unthinkable scenario in orgies of CGI. Meanwhile, we’ve witnessed explosive wealth inequality and the emergence of a tech elite convinced that their salvation lies in interplanetary colonization. In Earth II, we have tried to address the swiftly unfolding reality of climate collapse by scouring the disaster movies of the past four decades and combining them into a single narrative. We landed on the form of an experimental documentary disguised as an action comedy, a nonfiction film assembled from blockbusters, because the reality is often too brutal to face head-on; we laugh so as not to weep. 

ANTI-BANALITY UNION is an anonymous collective who recut blockbusters to uncover their latent meaning, chiseling away at them to reveal Hollywood's shameful, disavowed desires.
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