Free MU screening tonight at 6

Film Screening & Discussion: “Diago: A Maroon Artist” WITH Filmmaker Juanamaria Cordones-Cook 

Tuesday, February 11, 6:00 p.m., Leadership Auditorium, 2501 MU Student Center (Hitt & Rollins, upstairs)

“Diago, a Maroon Artist” presents a prominent multimedia Afro-Cuban artist, Juan Roberto Diago (1972), who creates his work employing discarded materials. Diago understands the creative possibilities of recycling and bricolage. He also enriches his images by juxtaposing graffiti with racially contesting intent. His art work results in “cultural resistance” and, because of his rebellious spirit, he labels himself a “maroon artist." In this film, Diago openly discusses issues of race and poverty in contemporary Cuba, as well as their representation in his paintings and installations.