FUNding Kickoff

October 13, 2012

Here are some photos from the Digital Conversion Campaign kickoff night...aka Ragtag Needs Robots! (Very expensive digital projection equipment is like a robot, you see...okay, really more of a computer, but play along.)

Staff photo with our digital mascot Lumen. Tracy, Lindsay, Michael, Jon, Steve, Cory, Steph, Chris, Kyle, Jonny, and Glenn. Missing is Paul...we don't know where he snuck off to.

And Lumen with the projection staff. Lumen said he was going to take all our jobs but we convinced him not to. That's a good robot.

Photos from the crow's nest:

Spotlights are such fun!

Tracy, explaining the future of cinema. Basically: no digital projection system, no cool new movies starting in 2013.