Gimme Shelter: a weekend lineup

February 20, 2009

We know how the excitement in the lead-up to True/False can have a particularly debilitating effect over this town. Certain individuals go missing for days at a time, having shuttered themselves inside to obsessively study the festival schedule in the futile pursuit of concocting the perfect strategy for seeing every single movie. Other parties go berserk from headache-inducing arguments over the precise divisions between truth and fiction.  

If you're feeling vulnerable to these unusual maladies, you best take refuge by pitching a tent at Ragtag this weekend, as we're presenting something new for your eyes and ears each day.  

1. On Friday, catch the premiere of last year's acclaimed feature, I've Loved You So Long, playing for an exclusive six-day run.

2. On Saturday at 1:30 PM, come out for the special presentation of Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars, followed by  a special roundtable discussion with the film's co-director Zach Niles; former child soldier in Sierra Leone, author Ishmael Beah; and international storyteller and peace activist Laura Simms. Click here to read last feature story about Beah from last Sunday's Daily Tribune.

3. Finally, stop by to cheer and jeer the Academy Awards on Sunday at 7:00 PM. Ragtag's own Jon Westhoff has some predictions for the winners.