Girl Power shorts program for kids 9+ starts Friday, 9/24

This girl-powered collection of short films explores everyday issues for girls around the world and is recommended for ages 9+.

My Queen (Brazil)
Live Action, Cecilia Amado, 2008, 11 min
A young girl looks forward to her big debut evening, flag-dancing in the Rio de Janeiro carnival, but things don’t turn out the way she imagined. A tender and lyrical portrait of first love, dreams and disillusionment.

Hangman (Norway)
Live Action, Ramsdai/Mikkelson, 2007, 9 min
What happens when you fall in love with a boy but are unable to pronounce his name? This is the story about daring to do what you never dared to do before.

Popcorn and Periods (UK)
Pinly goes to the movies with her dad and has a Most Embarrassing Experience.

Attraction (UK)
Animation, Rachinta Platts, 2008, 2.5 min
A heart-warming story about a man working at the newspaper stand and a beautiful but mysterious customer, who always conceals her face with a long, blue scarf.

Miss Pretty Hair Doll (USA)
Animation, Sue Perrotto, 2007, 1 min
A hysterically funny mock-ad for a Barbie-like girl’s doll.

Stormy Night (Canada)
Animated, Michelle Lemieux, 2003, 10 min
A little girl and her dog on a stormy night, a thousand questions running through her head. As she lies in bed her thoughts take off in all directions, come suddenly back to earth, bounce off the invisible walls of her consciousness. The wind whips up stronger and stronger, and then the storm explodes.

Sleeping Betty (Canada)
Animation, Claude Cloutier, 2007, 9 min
In a sumptuous palace of the first floor of a house in a working-class neighborhood, Princess Betty sleeps in a narcoleptic stupor. The king stands at her bedside, his appeals to Unlce Henri VIII, Aunt Victoria, an alien and a witch have been to no avail. But lo! A worthy Prince Charles look-alike leaves his royal suburb, confronts a dragon, and makes his way across the city to save the princess. But will Betty be wakened by just a kiss?

Art (Canada)
Animated, Andrea Dorfman, 2008, 2.5 min
This sweet handmade music video for Halifax indie singer/songwriter Tanya Davis is Juno soundtrack meets middle school art class, and chock full of hummable love.

Lavatory Lovestory (Russia)
Animation, Konstantin Bronzit, 2007, 9.5 min
Love is always sudden, so don’t be surprised if it springs up in the most unexpected of places. No, this isn’t the story of Larry Craig, but the latest film from the director of NYICFF Grand Prize winner At the Ends of the Earth.

Post It Love (UK)
Live Action, Simon Atkinson, Adam Townley, 2008, 3 min
Girl meets boy in quirky office romance. Two like-minded souls, too shy to approach each other, find a new way to show their love.