Give Ragtag this year

Give the gift of movies to your friends and family this year. Who doesn't like a good flick — especially if it's free. We have gift cards in any amount, and Ragtag memberships, with benefits that last all year long. Our most popular membership is $45 and allows the member to see any regular film for just $5. And we have student memberships for a mere $25.

We also have super-nice US-made totes in black and red, and all-cotton T-shirts, and a selection of True/False merch — all at our box office.

If you are outta town or just prefer online shopping, membership are available on our site (except student memberships).
Phone orders are available only for people out of town (and only for memberships and gift cards). Give us a call at (573) 441-8504, preferably M–F between 10 and 5.
Our totes & tees, plus all True/False merch, are available on the T/F website. They offer shipping and local pickup. And all True/False passes are on sale now. February 27–March 2 will be the most exciting weekend of 2014. What a great gift.

Questions? Ask us at [email protected].

Take a gander at a selection of our goods:




And don't forget our Hittsville roommates: Uprise, 9th Street Vid, and Hitt Rex all have great stuff and gift cards.