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Support Ragtag Film Society!

Ragtag Film Society provides our communities with world-class film events throughout the year. Our two projects include Ragtag Cinema, a 2-screen theater where we pair new releases and repertory films with thoughtful discussion; and True/False Film Fest, a four-day immersive experience where we bring together Columbia residents with artists and thousands of film enthusiasts from around the world.

Ragtag Cinema builds community year-round, and True/False puts on a joyous celebration of nonfiction film for Columbia and its guests, complete with art installations, music, and live events. These two projects add significant value to Columbia’s arts & cultural offerings, and together, we make our community more media literate, enrich the lives of thousands, and foster creativity and empathy.

The power of communal experiences is palpable, especially with a global pandemic lingering in our collective consciousness. And a community robust in arts experiences can foster critical thinking, evoke compassion, and forge cultural connections. Your support allows us to champion storytelling while providing experiences that explore assumptions and elicit shared joy, wonder, and introspection.

By supporting Ragtag Film Society, you keep this community engaged with unique films, educational programs, and thoughtful dialogue all year long. Each donation drives cultural events that inspire attendees to be curious, empathetic, and engaged members of our community and our society at large.