Holocaust Remembrance

Holocaust remembrance week is April 27–May 4.

We are showing a very interesting documentary, No Place on Earth, about a group of Ukrainian Jewish families who evaded Nazi capture by living in a cave for a year. It is free and open to the public. Sunday, April 27 @ 1pm.

While looking at films on the topic, we came across a short American propaganda film from 1945 intended for exhibition in Germany: Death Mills. Comprising footage of Nazi concentration camps soon after liberation and edited by Billy Wilder, it stares unflinchingly in the face of evil. It is not something that you will ever forget, and maybe a film most people should never watch. But, it is a powerful document of man's capacity for evil and our willful ignorance of the casualties of war.

Watch it here on archive.org.

Below are some comparatively lighthearted titles that we recommend, most of which you should find at 9th Street Video (on Hitt).

Europa, Europa

Life Is Beautiful

Zentropa (Europa)

The Pianist

Everything Is Illuminated


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