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"Fractured, audacious, weird and wonderful, Holy Motors is unlike any movie you've seen. Performance art meets metaphysical dark comedy in a film that begins with 'What?' and ends with 'Wow!'. . . .

So what is this movie all about? An abstract collection of skits and pranks, avant-garde and mythical, about reality, existence and de-evolution. Or it could just be a gag. Just when you think it's about one thing -- if anything at all -- tiny disclosures come into play, like the presence of other actors, limos and drivers. I think Carax's original script is close to genius, both in execution and intent. Dialogue is sparse but meaningful, precisely delivered by Lavant and Scob, visually enhanced by veteran French cinematographer Caroline Champetier (Of Gods and Men, Ponette).

Profound, grotesque and artistically exciting, Holy Motors is all about 'the beauty of the act,' both large and small."--Scott A. May, Columbia Daily Tribune.

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