Hong Sang-soo; Kim Min-hee Week: June 29-July 5!

June 5, 2018

The South Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo (Hill of Freedom) is among the most exciting and prolific directors working today. His films employ ingenious structures and wry humor as they explore the trials of their frequently inebriated subjects. This past year Hong released three of his best received films one after another -- all featuring Kim Min-hee (The Handmaiden), one of the most exciting actors to emerge in recent years. Because Hong's films share thematic interests and techniques, it's a rich and rewarding experience to watch them in close proximity to one another. For that reason, Ragtag is attempting an experiment: over a week, we'll present three of his latest films once a day. The order will shuffle, and if you see two throughout the week (or in one night!), show the ticket stubs to our box office to receive a free pass to the third.

Claire's Camera

On the Beach At Night Alone

The Day After