How To Buy Advance Tickets

January 18, 2012

We're expecting some sellout shows of The Artist this weekend, so we recommend that you buy your tickets online a few hours before the show (or earlier) to guarantee yourself a seat. It's still a good idea to arrive 15-20 minutes before the showtime to get a good spot. Once you purchase your tickets online you will receive an email confirmation. You can print your confirmation email, write down the confirmation number, or bring the credit card you used. At the cinema, proceed directly to the ticket tearer (to the right of the box office) and he or she will print your tickets using your printout, number or card. No need to wait in line, as you have already purchased your tickets. Please note: your printout is not a ticket.

We only sell tickets the day of the show. This means you can buy your tickets online at midnight the night before, but you can also purchase your tickets from a Bakery employee at any point in the day (they open at 6:30am). The exception to this is Sunday, when the doors to the building open a half hour before the first showtime.

See you at The Artist this weekend!