April 16, 2015

If you saw a show in the Willy Wilson Theater during True/False this year, you probably noticed the temporary risers in the back two rows. We're hoping to add some permanent tiers in the back and make things a little nicer for our shorter patrons (since we end up showing a lot of subtitled films). We're also exploring different seat options, while keeping the fun, funky flavor of our small theater -- the link to the original Ragtag space on 10th Street. We know we can't please everyone with these changes, but we'd love to hear your input. Send all comments to [email protected], or just tell someone at the box office. And if you're reading this post before the Ragtag Ball, consider coming -- it's a fundraiser for this project. And, as always, Ragtag welcomes tax-deductible donations all year round -- big and small.


Here's a better shot of the tiers. No one fell off and broke anything during T/F, so we're considering the experiment a success. Many thanks to Ben, Camellia, Jamie and everyone at the T/F Lab for helping with this.


Also, in the big theater, we've added some cool lighting to the risers to help you find your way before and after the film. A huge thanks to Glenn for helping us with this project (and really doing 98% of it).


If you're interested in the technical aspects of the lights, it's called EL wire. I like to think of it as a poor man's neon.