Showing Today: Thursday, June 4

Ragtag News

  • Ragtag at Home

    Ragtag Film Society is excited to announce its new resource for engaging kids in media literacy. Ragtag at Home is a collection of free resources that pair children-appropriate films with ready-made curriculum developed by its Community Partnerships & Education team. »

  • Save the date! Ragtag's Birthday Drive-In

    SATURDAY AUGUST 15, 2020

    For 10 years now, our summer event has featured a scenic bike ride, spirited live music, a locally sourced dinner, and a film under the stars. In an effort to provide a fun and safe event »

  • Virtual Cinema Troubleshooting

    Hey there, movielover! Thanks for watching movies with Ragtag via our Virtual Cinema. We don't anticipate any problems, but if indeed you have any technical problems, please visit the storefront directly and they will help you navigate. Here are some »

  • Giving Tuesday Now: Thank You!

    Together, we raised over $14,000 for Ragtag Film Society on Giving Tuesday Now. Thank you for your generosity. We can't wait to watch movies in the dark with you again soon. <3 »

  • Film Series at Ragtag

    Black Independents, Vol. 1, 2020. Every February. In observation of Black History Month, Ragtag Cinema celebrates the legacy of black filmmaking in America. Throughout its history, these filmmakers have challenged popular representations of blackness, as well as the system »

  • Become a member of Ragtag!

    Moviepass may be dead, but Ragtag's membership program is going strong! We have several levels to choose with increasingly glamorous perks. To start, the Ragtag Student Membership ($30 a year valid w/ student ID) and Irregular ($50 a year/$40 for »