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  • Ragtag Cinema At Home

    Kanopy is film-streaming service that is free with a Columbia Public Library card (don't worry, you can get a temporary plague-time library card online). Kanopy has an awesome selection of documentary, arthouse and foreign films—including a wide variety of fun »

  • Digital theater experiences!

    Two new movies will be available through our digital storefront on Friday: Slay the Dragon and The Whistlers. One half of your movie ticket price goes directly to us. And join us Saturday, April 11th (Preshow at 8:30pm, Film at »

  • Film Series at Ragtag

    Black Independents, Vol. 1, 2020. Every February. In observation of Black History Month, Ragtag Cinema celebrates the legacy of black filmmaking in America. Throughout its history, these filmmakers have challenged popular representations of blackness, as well as the system »

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    • Member $5.50

    • Matinee (shows before 5pm) $7.50

    • Adults $9.50

    • Seniors (over 65) $7.50

    • Under 12 $7.50

    • Military $7.50

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    Showtimes for the week are posted each Monday by 5pm. Box office hours: M-F: »

  • Become a member of Ragtag!

    Moviepass may be dead, but Ragtag's membership program is going strong! We have several levels to choose with increasingly glamorous perks. To start, the Ragtag Student Membership ($30 a year valid w/ student ID) and Irregular ($50 a year/$40 for »