Join EOTM Jordan Leinen this Sunday @ 8pm

Ace Uprise worker Jordan Leinen is November's Employee of the Month at our Hitt Street megalith, and below she answers our hard-hitting questions. Please join her at 8pm this Sunday, November 7 as she hosts her dream screening of a film we can't disclose. Best of all, this is your opportunity to contribute to Ragtag's digital projection upgrade fund.
Your job at Uprise: Counter Worker
First film you saw at Ragtag: Slumdog Millionaire…I’m sort of a newb.
Favorite smell: Uprise bakery, 6am, coffee’s brewin, bread’s a’bakin
A stray memory about Uprise: Saturday Night counter shifts with JerAmy, Pat, Becca and Jaimé
Favorite dish at Uprise: MAH SPECIAL SALAD: lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomato, cranberries, croutons, almonds with pesto and spicy balsamic vinaigrette annddd tuna
Best movie you ever rented from 9th St. Video: FIND OUT AT RAGTAG, November 7th, 8pm
Embarrassing story: true/false 2010, sorry Garry
Biggest phobia: ROACHES!
Movie character who you most identify with: Crocodile Dundee, because of my class, charm, wit and outdoor skills, and I have ancestors from Australia, naturally.
Favorite place to go in Columbia: Capen Park. Ooooo and Wagon Wheel. I love Leo’s too.
Country you’d like to visit: India, I’ve always wanted to go there. Seems like an experience that would completely change my life.
Surprising detail about yourself: My first visit to Columbia occurred in high school when I competed in National History Day…geeeek. Still pretty proud about that 3rd place though.