Member reviews

One of our members Rod McHugh sent us this great account of watching Calvary the other day:

Well, it’s been awhile since the Audi’s taken me downtown, but today we braved the disarray of black and gold demonstrators along the thoroughfare leading to the parkin’ garage on Hitt and Cherry in order to see a pic at the Ragtag. Without too much fanfare I’d like to say the little film from Ireland, Calvary, was well worth the bit o’ trouble the journey might have encountered. As Jon, one of the Ragtag team, introduced this film, he mentioned it was a bit dark with a little humor, but it was dark. I thought of posin’ the question, “’Tis an Irish film, is it not? Den t’ darkness an’ th’ humor would be well-suited sisters.” Calvary is one of the finest films I’ve ever seen; twas a grand look at life and consciousness of being brilliantly presented and portrayed by the ensemble, the music and o’ corz the scenery set in County Sligo. I shan’t give away anything to encourage, “Ye must see this fine, intelligent, and deeply moving film before tis whisked away.” All I shall say, and I don’t believe this gives anyt’ing away: as the film ended and went to credits, not one person moved nor made comment. We all sat thar in silence for the longest time; only one lad got up, excused himself to his company and left; the rest of us sat in our silence, save a sniffle or two. The credits ended, the lights came up, and we sat dar silently still. Ah, to be shore, this is a film ye must see. Ye have choice: Italy … or Ireland. I vote the latter, or me family’s not from Counties Cork and Clare!