Membership news

Membership funds allow us to put on free community screenings and support our educational outreach. By purchasing a Ragtag membership, you help us fulfill our mission and we help you see movies for cheap. Simply put, all memberships get the cardholder $5 movies — except the Guffman level, which gets the cardholder free admission to all regular shows — plus other cool things. Visit the membership page to read about additional perks from our friends & neighbors at Uprise Bakery and 9th Street Video. And read on for new bonuses from us.

We've raised most of our membership rates a wee bit, but now they're all even better deals (except for the Student membership — but it's still an amazing membership).

Student: now $30. We try to make one screening a month free for student memberships, so come to four of these and you've paid for your membership.

Irregular: now $50, still $40 for seniors (65+). As an added bonus, you get a free pair of passes for you or a friend (potential value: $18). Plus, you'll be invited to a free members-only Monday screening most every month.

Couch Club: now $100 per individual, $180 per pair. You get the free pair of passes (four passes for a CC pair) and the free Monday screening. Plus, you can now bring family members 13 and younger to watch movies with you for $5 a kid.

Guffman: now $485 per person, $820 pair. You get all the new stuff we added for Couch Club and Irregular, plus you now have call-in/walk-up privileges. Here's how that works: Call up to an hour before showtime the day of the film and claim your ticket from one of our staff (email & answering machine messages don't count since we're not always checking those). You can request tickets for other Guffmans, but no other membership level ... though, if it's a free public event (free for everyone, regardless of membership status, age, sex, nationality, or creed), you can request four total tickets. That means a Guffman pair could request up to eight total tickets.

And for a little bit more (to cover processing fees) you can pay for your Guffman membership in monthly installments ($42/month or $75/month for a pair) via ACH withdrawals. If you would like this option, pick a form up at the Ragtag box office or ask us at [email protected] and we'll send you one by snail mail.

Thank you for supporting Ragtag, your neighborhood nonprofit cinema.



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