Mysteries of Lisbon: TWO SPECIAL SCREENINGS!

"The most glorious achievement of Raúl Ruiz's prodigious career and one of the first cinematic masterpieces of this century." (Film Comment

Raúl Ruiz — the acclaimed Chilean director passed away this August. Mysteries of Lisbon (272 min.) is his latest work, and, at four and a half hours, it's a sprawling masterpiece that's earned comparisons to the complex narratives of Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens. An adaption of a 19th century Portuguese novel of the same name, the film's core story centers on João, who, growing up in a boarding school, believes he's an orphan. But he soon starts to untangle the knotty story of his parentage, which revolves around forbidden aristocratic love. Mysteries of Lisbon is funny, playfully told and totally captivating"A rapturous, gorgeous, digressive symphony of images and words and music (that's) unlike anything you've ever seen. Ruiz combines the traditions of French cinema with the stylistic and theoretical innovations of the New Wave like no one else." (Andrew O'Hehir, Salon).

$10 regular admission, $5 members. Sat., Oct. 29 and Sun., Oct. 30 at 1pm