Mystical Melodies

The Passport Series continues this Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday at 7:00pm with Tokyo Sonata, the funny, menacing, and altogether difficult-to-classify family melodrama by philosophical J-horror visionary Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure, Bright Future, the original Pulse). Enjoy a taste of sparkling sake before the film and stay after for a discussion with cineaste Jai Amrod about the film and its director's masterful, provocative oeuvre.

Tokyo Sonata speaks to us, with feeling and passion, as one of the most eloquent statements on the world today that we are likely to see in this moviegoing year.” (Andrew Sarris, New York Observer)

"It may seem incongruous for a filmmaker best known for his horror efforts to give us a drama as humane - and funny - as Tokyo Sonata; then again, horror and humor are both exercises in tension, and Kurosawa demonstrates his understanding of that with true skill here." (James Rocchi, Cinematical)