Notes from the attic: Crimewave

This is the Sam Raimi/Coen Brothers film you've never heard of. We watched it a while ago in movie club. It deserves a mention.

From what I understand, the story goes like this: After the success of Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981) he was give a big-budget, big-studio deal to do whatever he wanted. He teamed up with the Coen Brothers (who were probably just finishing their amazing Blood Simple) to make Crimewave, aka The XYZ Murders. Not used to working in the studio system, they went over budget and way off schedule. The studio stepped in, shuffled some things about and finished the film. The result: a highly-entertaining, cartoon-y, madhouse romp. It was given a tiny release in 1985 and has been basically shelved in the US ever since. Apparently Sam Raimi was never happy with the finished film and this might explain why it's never had a proper DVD release in the States.
I say get over it and release the damn thing. It's aged well and is wildly fun.
You can get your hands on imported DVDs and VHS copies. I suggest you do.

I don't know why Bruce Campbell's character isn't in this poster...