October Surprise: AMERICAN HONEY opens Friday

honeymaxresdefaultWe're excited to open American Honey on Friday, October 14!

A sensation at the Cannes Film Festival, where it took home the Jury Prize, American Honey is a dazzling and ambitious road film set in the Midwest. Star (20-year-old Sasha Lane, delivering a head-turning debut performance) is dumpster diving when she notices a van carrying a young, motley crew. She follows them inside the local K-Mart and makes eye contact with Jake (Shia LaBeouf). The next day, Star hops in their van, and they head towards Kansas City, selling magazines door-to-door and partying along the way.

"A scrappy, sprawling astonishment. Part dreamy millennial picaresque, part distorted tapestry of Americana and part exquisitely illustrated iTunes musical. It's constantly, engrossingly active, spinning and sparking and exploding in cycles like a Fourth of July catherine wheel. LaBeouf easily delivers his best performance, but the film never slips away from Star's evolving point of view, or Lane's electric presence." (Guy Lodge, Variety)