Oscar shorts

Oscar-nominated shorts are coming up soon. We always get questions about the ratings. This year, the distributor provided the answers for us. So, here's the word on ratings, so all you parents out there can think about bringing your kids:

Animated - PG. One of the shorts, THE BIGGER PICTURE, deals with the death of a parent. There's nothing particularly upsetting about it, but it's not going to appeal to the youngest viewers. FOOTPRINTS, one of the extra shorts, is a bit dark as well. Kids over eight should not have a problem with anything here (they just might not like a couple of the films).

Live Action - PG-13. Unlike previous years, no violence or tragedy in this year's crop. Some cursing, but should be acceptable for any kids over 11 or 12. It's one of the stronger Live Action programs we've had in a long time.

Note: as usual, we are not showing the documentary program. You'll have to wait till True/False for doc shorts.


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