Out with the Audi: Amy

From our enthusiastic guest critic Rod:

Although the Audi took me to Ragtag last week to experience the opening of Amy, I am just now posting my love of this British documentary-style film. Amy Winehouse, a London environ teenager who became a remarkable sensation, climbed the charts as a jazz singer/punkish-sorta-style; yet she can’t be overly defined like that. Jazz vocalists and musicians influenced her greatly, but it was that combination mixed well with her upbringing and life in an unassuming borough of London which made her amazing. Hers is a tragic story of the greatness of talent being swept up by the indulgence of money, fame, paparazzi and parasites (including her own father) that opened a fluid world of living on the Edge for the moment. It is, at times, a tough movie to watch, but it is an incredible story of "little girl lost in a lost generation" (forgive me that line, but it felt so appropriate, not diminishing) whose story I believe shall rivet you to your seats and stay with you long after you leave Ragtag! Don’t miss it. As I usually say, "Get thee to the Ragtag." I think you’ll be glad you did.