Out with the Audi: The Imitation Game

Here's another review from our enthusiastic guest critic, Rod:

After school yesterday, the Audi and I skedaddled up Broadway to downtown and parked in the Hitt Street garage in order to make the 4:45 showing of The Imitation Game at, yes, you guessed it, Ragtag Cinema. The house was packed to see Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightly in a rollicking comedy about putting the Nazis in their Valkyrian place during the Second World War! Alan Turing, may I call him the "father" of the computer, and his team’s struggle to break the enigma surrounding Enigma, the German code box that was unbreakable, and as a result saved thousands of lives, brought WWII to an end two years before it was anticipated, and saved us from speaking Deutsch and doing the Goose-Step, which was a new step in Poland and France! All right …  so it isn’t a comedy (although it has some humorous moments), but a well-presented British drama based on the true story of a man, who after he saved the democratic world from defeat was defeated by that same society in the long run. If you like history, enjoy knowing the source of all of our modern technological gadgets, think the Brits might know what they’re doing with the film-genre, then I’d encourage you to "get thee" to Ragtag this week and see The Imitation Game!