Out with the Audi: Whiplash

We just got another enthusiastic review from our friend and Ragtag member Rod:

Tonight the Audi beckoned me to go out even though I was tired from having not slept past 2:30am, save cat-napping through the alarm-ring of 7:40am! I wanted to nap, but the Audi insisted that I make the 2:30 showing of Whiplash at Ragtag today! I resisted, I fought, I sought relief from a nap in the easy chair. But, damn!, the Audi appealed and pushed and shoved me to acceptance of the virtue of riding into town to the Ragtag to experience, yes, experience rather than see the film WHIPLASH, a Jazz film that pushes the envelope to the limit! My Gawd! I’m so glad she shoved me to that place that motivated me to drive into town to view the film WHIPLASH! today! It is a must-see film; I shan’t say more, but OMG! it is a film one must see if you like jazz and a film that pushes all of your buttons towards "What must I do to be successful?" I highly recommend WHIPLASH! At Ragtag or any place you find it on the docket of films to be shown!