Parking and more parking

April 2, 2014

Contrary to popular sentiment, there are tons of parking spots downtown. Though, unlike at Walmart, it might take you an extra 45 seconds to find one.

Here's everything you need to know to be a downtown parking pro:


There are six city parking garages downtown, three of which are very close to Ragtag: Tenth & Cherry (includes 100 hourly spots), 8th & Cherry (42 hourly spots) and Short Street (includes 26 hourly spots, on the tippy top).
These are your best option for long-term parking downtown, and they're FREE on the weekends and after 6pm M–F. You can even park in permit spaces after 6 and on the weekends. (This does not apply to hotel spots in the Short Street garage, of course.)

Metered street parking:

Parking meters are active from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday. Sundays and evenings are free. So, remember, you have till 8am to move your car if you had too good a time at Uprise's bar the night before.

The city has color-coded their meters to reflect maximum parking time. Here they are:

  • 10 hour meters     Green
  •   5 hour meters     Orange
  •   4 hour meters     Purple
  •   2 hour meters     Grey
  •   1 hour meters     Red
  • 24 minute meters  Yellow

Fun fact: meter-feeding is not allowed, so once your allotted time runs out, you can’t just refill the meter.

Hittsville (the building we're in) parking:

We have a few 15-minute parking spots on the north side of the building (turn at the patio). These are for a quick pop-in to buy something at Ragtag, Uprise, 9th Street Video, or Hitt Records. You run the risk of paying a towing service if you leave your car in our lot. The spaces are to the right of that big green box.


Other things to know:

There is a surface lot across the street for the Stephens Building. Unless there is an attendant on hand selling permits, do not park there. They are even more tow-happy than we are.

There are taxi-stand spaces on the south side of Cherry between 10th & Hitt. You must move your car from that spot before 9pm or you will get a ticket.

Good luck and see you at the movies!