Play ball!

Our weekend projectionist Jon is putting together a fantasy baseball league and wants you to join. If you would like to play, or if you know a baseball fan who would, just email [email protected] with your name, favorite team, and fantasy experience (in baseball...nothing else).
Ragtag has a rich history of baseball fanatics, both in its staff and patrons. This year we have decided to express our love for America's Pastime with a fantasy league. The league will last the length of the regular baseball season and is open to Ragtag goers of all ages and fantasy experience. Space is limited, so if you would like to play email Jon today!
Here are the details:
The League will be held on Yahoo!'s fantasy site.

Each team will pick from the rosters of any MLB team (NL and AL):
  • 1 catcher
  • 1 first baseman
  • 1 second baseman
  • 1 third baseman
  • 1 shortstop
  • 3 outfielders
  • 1 utility player (can be from any of the above positions)
  • 6 pitchers (any combination of starters and relievers)
  • 4 spots for bench or reserve players
Each player can only have one fantasy team. All teams will take turns picking their players in a draft that will take place a few weeks after True/False.
We'll keep track of each team's stats, and the team with the best overall stats throughout the season will be crowned the winner (and maybe we'll even give you some tickets).
The hitting stats will be:
  • On-base % (OBP)
  • Runs scored (R)
  • Home runs (HR)
  • Runs batted in (RBI)
  • Stolen bases (SB)
  • Slugging % (SLG)
The pitching categories will be:
  • Wins (W)
  • Strikeouts (K)
  • Earned run average (ERA)
  • Walks and hits per inning pitched (WHIP)
  • Saves (SV)
  • Quality Starts (QS)

Once again, spots are limited so sign up soon! Email your info or any questions to [email protected].