Ragtag and the Golden Globes

Well, I didn't get a chance to see the Golden Globes this year but if you did I expect you're looking forward to The Artist opening this Friday! And if you didn't and haven't read about it, let me fill you in: The Artist took home three Globes: Best Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical), Best Performance (by Jean Dujardin), and Best Original Score. It was also nominated for three other awards.

Michelle Williams also earned a Best Performance award for her work in My Week With Marilyn. See it while you can. The last night is this Thursday! Marilyn was also nominated for two other awards.

Charlize Theron was nominated for her performance in Young Adult. See it before it's gone. It also leaves our screens this Thursday.

Viggo Mortensen was nominated for his performance in A Dangerous Method, opening here in the next few weeks (we don't know when exactly).

Look forward to A Separation some time in March, after True/False. It took home Best Foreign Language Film.

Some films that we showed last year that were in the Golden Globes:

Christopher Plummer earned an award for his excellent performance in Beginners.

The Skin I Live In was nominated for best foreign film.

Woody Allen won best screenplay for Midnight in Paris. MiP also garnered three other nominations.

And finally, Brendan Gleeson was nominated for his performance in The Guard, one of my favorites of 2011.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy seems to've been overlooked in this year's Golden Globes. No worries, I suppose: it was nominated for eleven Baftas. (The Artist was nominated for 12).

The nominations for the Academy Awards are announced next Tuesday, with the awards presented on February 26. The Baftas are awarded February 12. Stay tuned for more awards updates.