Ragtag Drive-In

January 4, 2021

Join us downtown at RE/MAX Boone Realty (33 East Broadway, Columbia) as we transform their lot into a pop-up drive-in cinema to continue outdoor cinema in these chillier months!

Part of the HINDSIGHT series!
Saturday, March 6
6:45pm - Parking lot opens
7:15pm - Film begins
8:45pm - Film ends and cars exit

Ragtag Drive-In Etiquette
To ensure a delightful drive-in experience for all, below are a few recommendations and guidelines to maximize your enjoyment of the event.

Entering the lot: As you enter, you will be met by a Ragtag staff member who will give you the FM radio station for listening to the film and direct you to your parking place. Please have your ticket ready to show a staff member or be prepared to provide the email address used for purchasing the ticket. Please wear a mask when interacting with staff.

Watching the movie: Once parked, stay in your vehicle — unless purchasing food or visiting the restroom, in which case masks must be worn and social distancing rules apply. Sitting outside in the lot or on your vehicle’s roof/hood is not permitted.

Once parked, please do not drive away until instructed to do so by the Ragtag staff. NOTE: In case of an emergency, please turn on your blinking hazard lights, and staff will visit your car to assist. 

Turn off your vehicle and headlights: Vehicles must be turned off completely or in accessory mode. during the movie. The sound of a car engine is distracting, as is car exhaust. If the weather is particularly chilly, it is understandable that vehicles might be turned on briefly for heater access.

To give everyone the best viewing experience, please keep your headlights and running lights off once the film starts. Each vehicle make/model has different options for turning off headlights/running lights when parked with a radio on — we recommend you familiarize yourself with what works for your particular vehicle.

Dress warmly: Attendees will be happier if dressed in warm layers. Consider wool socks, long underwear, coats, hats, gloves, extra sweaters/sweatshirts, etc. If your attire is comfortable inside, you will be cold outside. Bring blankets for extra coziness!

Film sound: The film will be broadcast and played through your car radio. Station info will be provided when you check in for parking. Please keep your car key in the accessory position to have access to your car radio. If you prefer, you may also bring a portable FM radio instead of using your car radio.

Restrooms: Restrooms will be located inside Re/Max. Masks must be worn when accessing the restrooms inside the building and social distancing rules apply.

Trash: There are no public waste receptacles on site, so please pack out all trash and help us keep your parking lot tidy.

Food and Drink: You may BYO picnic - additionally, food trucks may be on site. Masks must be worn when visiting food trucks and social distancing rules apply.

Exiting the Lot: When the movie is finished, please exit toward the west side of the lot in an orderly fashion. We encourage zipper merging and will have a staff member present to direct traffic. Staff will also be available to jump start any vehicles in case of a dead battery.

Covid reminders: As much as we would love everyone to be a part of this event, if you or a close contact (someone you have spent more than 15 minutes with less than 6ft apart) have symptoms or have tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days, please stay home to prevent any spread. Symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, sore throat, new loss of sense of smell or taste, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, or congestion or runny nose.