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Ragtag Trivia Night Final Scores

Congratulations to the Winner of the Ragtag Trivia Night 2012: Strangers on a Train. The team only missed ONE question all night for an amazing 69/70 points! Thank you to everyone for playing and supporting Ragtag. It was a blast!

Crash and the Boys 48
Team Yogi 57
Team Andy 56
The Fruit Middletons 62
We Have Great Character Dev 55
wise bloods 47
Take 2 33
3-2-1 Action 46
Cool and Composed 52
Off In The Corner 59
The Millennium Falcon 60
Daniel Boone’s VCR 49
Team Zissou 53
Trivia Lightweights 56
Not Sure Yet 51
Team Swordfish 67
B 4 REEL 40
Baby Mama Drama 44
When a stranger calls back 62
The Sundays 52
Universal 63
Blue Note 49
Team SOPA Can Suck It 54
Killin’ it like Van Der Sloot 38
Strangers on a Train 69
Wet Bandits 62
Team USA 60