September preview

Okay, folks, here's what we're working on for September.
And check out our trailer playlist too.

Aug 31  Celeste & Jesse Forever  A divorce-comedy featuring Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg and Elijah Wood.

September 5 & 6  Ragtag kicks off Passport Series 7 with A Simple Life. Every Wednesday and Thursday in September and October watch a new international film hand selected (with love and care) by Chris.

Sept 10th
  Come celebrate 77 years of the Conservation Federation of Missouri with a selection of historic films, beer, wine and appetizers. The reception is in the big theater from 5-6pm. Movies at 6. Tickets are $35 and on sale now, at our box office and online.

12-13 Passport #2  Oslo, August 31st

Searching for Sugar Man  A favorite from this year's T/F Film Fest. (I know I bought his first album after seeing it.) A mysterious musician from Detroit and songs of rebellion in Apartheid South Africa. Rodriguez is playing at Roots n Blues this year. Friday, Sept 21, 7:30pm at the Peace Park stage. Should be quite an experience.

Monday the 17th
  We have a free screening of Nostalgia for the Light.  Brought to you in part by KMOS.

August 19-20  
Passport #3: Policeman

Robot and Frank  Set in the not-too-distant future, Frank is reformed jewelry thief who's been given a robot butler by his son. Things get outta hand.

September 30  The robot lands. Veiled in mystery, bent on conquest---all will be revealed this night. Thus begins our journey to full digital projection and the start of a powerful fundraiser. Click here for more info.

Cosmopolis  Cronenberg's new film, based on Don DeLillo's novel by the same name. Featuring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche. A strange, strange trip to the barbershop.

We're showing Don Hertzfeldt's animated short It's Such a Beautiful Day. Two years in the making, 23 hand-drawn minutes. The conclusion to the Bill Trilogy. You'll also see Everything Will Be Okay and I Am So Proud of You.

The Master  The new feature from Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood). Joaquin Phoenix is back (after I'm Still Here) as a naval veteran finding his way in a post-war world. Philip Seymour Hoffman is a "writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher" channeling L. Ron Hubbard. Looks like it's gonna be awesome.


August 26-27  Passport #4: Thursday Till Sunday

DocuMemories #4  We're getting more serious with Forbidden Lie$. Monday, September 24.

Tuesday the 25th The Columbia Public Library One Read Film. We'll screen local filmmaker Kerri Yost's Neither Here Nor There, a documentary about a family and their experience during the Bosnian War. Free.

Filmmaker Magazine's shorts collection. If you like shorts, we've got some for you. One night only! Monday the 10th. I've seen a couple of these already and they are pretty fantastic.