Summer film appreciation camp was awesome

Another Ragtag Summer Film Program is in the books and it was a smashing success! The program was expanded from a one-week program this year to include an optional second week and many of the students took advantage.

We had a diverse but enthusiastic group of 19 young film watchers for the first week of the program, which focused on classic films from the 20s through the 60s.

11 of our campers stuck around for the second week to watch films from the modern art-house era.

Overall the students had some stimulating discussions on the themes and messages presented by the films we watched. They did group activities breaking down the film components and film language used by the filmmakers. And they each kept their own film journal where they worked on developing their impressions of the movies they watched and converting those thoughts into words.

I want to thank a really awesome group of young people for showing up at Ragtag bright and early every morning. Thank you, Sophia, Michael, Max, Rodrigo, Jess, Jilly, Chistina, Sarah, Lilly, Alex, Raquel, Sam, Riley, Maddy, Owen, CJ, Ellie, Louis, and Lane.

Also thanks to Dan Steffen, Austin Miller, and Claire Landry for all your help running the program. And of course thank you Tracy, Lindsay and Steph at Ragtag, and Courtney and the Uprise Bakery staff for all the support.


Our campers enjoying a tasty lunch provided by Uprise Bakery.

Jon W