Super Awesome Movies/Busy Times!

Busier than a Tasmanian Devil!

It gets busy around awards season here at Hittsville: sold out shows at Ragtag and lines at Uprise Bakery’s bar and counter. The number one thing to remember is to buy your tickets early in the day. We want you to get tickets to the showtime you want just as much as you do. We’ve compiled some tips to help and hope you’ll spread the word to your all you movie-loving friends.

• You can purchase as many tickets as you like on our website.
• We only offer day-of-show ticketing for our regular programming.
• Online tickets open at midnight. There is a $1 per ticket processing fee for online tickets. When your purchase is complete, you will see a printable confirmation page. You can print that out and bring it to the box office. We'll scan it and get you your tickets. Or simply bring the credit card used to make your purchase to the box office and we'll look up and print out your tickets using it. Free ticket vouchers, free member tickets, and gift-card purchases are not redeemable online.

• If you’d like to purchase your tickets early in person, or redeem gift cards, or free ticket vouchers or member punches, you must do so at our box office. We open at noon M–F and 30 minutes before the first show on Saturday & Sunday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Hittsville has free 15-minute parking in our lot on the north side of the building (turn at the patio) for quick pop-ins like buying tickets, bread, and records.

• Street parking is metered between 9am-7pm, Monday through Saturday and free on Sunday.
• City garages are free on Saturday & Sunday, and after 6pm, M–F. We recommend parking in the city garage catty corner to us, at Hitt & Cherry, or the Short Street garage around the corner off Broadway. Remember, you can park in permit spaces after 6pm and on the weekends in all city garages. You can pay for as long as you need in the H&C garage – no running out to feed the meter. Most street meters in the area have a two-hour limit, or less, but there are a few four-hour meters (purple) on Hitt Street (last time we looked). The city parking meters accept payments from an app, Parkmobile, that allows you to feed your meter from your phone. Please step out into the hall to feed your meter via your phone.

• Uprise Bakery makes its food to order, so please give yourself enough time. Uprise has soups and hotcase items that are quick. Uprise kitchen closing hours: M–Thurs @ 8pm, Friday & Saturday @ 9pm. Closed Sunday. Uprise Bakery’s counter is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Uprise bar will be open on those days for popcorn, soda, and booze. A friendly reminder: Ragtag only allows Uprise food & drink in our theaters for every show, regardless of time or day. Please plan accordingly.

QUESTIONS? Drop us a line at [email protected] or 573.441.8504.