Community Partners

RFS Community Partners

Ragtag Film Society has joined forces with five local community organizations in a new, formalized Community Partnership program. The inaugural group of partners is made up of:

The Asian Affairs Center at the University of Missouri

Boone County Community Against Violence

The Center Project

Four Directions at the University of Missouri

ROCK the Community

This program’s primary collaborative project, The Show Me Series will offer free monthly community screenings at Ragtag Cinema throughout the coming year. The Show Me Series is a nod to both our long-established proclivity as Missourians to approach new things with a hint of skepticism (until we see it for ourselves, of course), as well as a challenge to show our community all the possibilities shared experiences with film can hold, including the potential to serve as a catalyst for conversations that move our collective pendulum closer to equity, inclusion, and unity. The Show Me Series launched at Ragtag Cinema in July 2021.